Progressive Leader's 2015 Recommendations for March 3 Election is now out!

On Tuesday, March 3rd, Los Angeles will be holding its municipal election.     These elections are typically low-turnout, so PLDA members and supporters can make a difference in the outcome.  Please share our endorsements with friends.   This endorsement list was voted on by our friends at the Southern California Americans for Democratic Action and represent the candidates that reflect or Progressive Values.    Los Angeles City Council: District 2 - Paul Krekorian District 4 - Tomás O'Grady and Steve Veres (dual endorsement) District 6 - Cindy Montañez District 12 - (leave blank)    Los Angeles Board of Education: District 3 - Ankur Patel District 5 - Bennett Kayser District 7 - Euna Anderson   Los Angeles Community College Board of Trustees: Seat 1 - Andra Hoffman Seat 3 - Sydney Kamlager Seat 5 - Steve Schulte Seat 7 - Mike Fong   LA Charter Amendments 1 & 2 - NO          

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